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FW:New NS3 (DVB-3) TV Transmission Standard

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Good quality Digital TV HD Encoder for sales
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FW:New NS3 (DVB-3) TV Transmission Standard
FW:New NS3 (DVB-3) TV Transmission Standard
Company NovSatelt, specializing in optimizing bandwidth satellite links, announced the development of innovative technology modulating - NS3, designed to optimize the resources of satellite transponders earlier this year,

Compared to currently broadcasting standards DVB-S and DVB-S2, the new standard allows you to increase the throughput ability of satellite channels in 20-55% of the transponder with a bandwidth of 36 MHz and 78% at 72 MHz transponders, providing high-speed data transfer up to 358 Mbit / s.

Technicians NovelSat reported completion of the pre-testing of the new standard with power satellites Eutelsat W3A , AsiaSat 5, Amos-3, as well as some of the spacecraft constellation Intelsat.

Test results confirmed that the new standard NS3 far exceeded the capacity DVB-S2, which is now considered to be the best solution in the field of satellite broadcasting. NS3 also a huge plus is that it is fully compatible with previous standards DVB-S and DVB-S2, enabling operators to perform a smooth transition to the new technology.

NS3 is also able to provide the following benefits:
transfer of a large number of SD-, HD-and 3D-channels, and as data transmission through the communication line and transponders that are identical to today's energy balance.

Saving reception quality at lower SNR (signal / noise ratio), which, in turn, allows the use of a receiving antenna with a smaller diameter.

Expansion of satellite coverage.
According to preliminary information, the completion of a cycle of testing involving 32 broadcasters and teleports located in Europe and the U.S.,

DVB-S-3 is now in use on several satellites in Europe,America's & Asia as stated in the reports your normal HD receiver will be able to receive these new broadcasts but not the 16APSK & 32APSK versions for these you will need a professional receiver until someone incorporates all the new satellite transmission types in a enthusiasts receiver to find all the transmissions now in general use by SNG's.


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