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IPTV Transcoding

Good quality Digital TV HD Encoder for sales
Good quality Digital TV HD Encoder for sales
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IPTV Transcoding

   IP Television (IPTV) is a new service that is growing up very quick in recent years. Its implementation is performed as a Triple-Play service, being the integration of voice, high-speed data and television. Moreover, the network traffic has been increased due to the use of VoIP, video or P2P. It is also creating congestion problems to the network provider and has high impact on the quality of IPTV. For this reason, it is necessary to provide tools in order to reduce the congestion and provide the maximum Quality of Experience to the customers. In this paper we analyze the bandwidth used by a movie and we propose a video transcoder as a tool to control the congestion in IPTV networks. The results obtained are similar to the traffic shaping. The measurements obtained in our test bench shows that a video transcoder can be used to guarantee a certain QoE, in the presence of congestion.


RET2408 8-Channel Transcoder is a professional device, which works in bidirectional way, converting video signals between MPEG-4 AVC(H.264) and MPEG-2 standards and transcoding between HD and SD programs simultaneously. It has options of 4*Tuner+8*IP inputs(with CAM), 4*ASI or 4*Tuner inputs, 6*Tuner+8*IP or 6*ASI+8*IP inputs. The Tuner input signals can be DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, ATSC-T, or ISDB-T; while IP input can be in 8*MPTS or 8*SPTS mode. The transcoder de-multiplexes (and descrambles) the input streams, and then processes in transcoding. It is able to transcode MPEG-2 SD/HD and H.264 SD/HD video in any-to-any way, as well as AAC, AC3 and MPEG-1 Layer II audio in any-to-any or pass-through way. Up to 8-channel of SD or 4-channel of HD programs and 8-channel of audio programs can be proceeded simultaneously and in real time. Afterward, RET2408 re-multiplexed the processed channels and output via ASI or IP port. The IP(1000M, UDP/RTP/RTSP) can output with 1*MPTS & 8*SPTS, while the ASI output is a copy of one MPTS or SPTS accordingly. Closed Caption(CC) function is also configured, while BISS descrambling is supported. Adopting with all these advanced technologies, this device works in high efficiency and perfect performance.

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